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DATA GATHERING _ We collect all the required information: from handmade sketches to any kind of CAD or BIM documentation. As long as all the measurements and dimensions are provided, our team can start to build every detail of your project into a fine 3d model.
3D MODELLING _ With all the documentation recieved, it is time to create the 3D model. This process normally takes about 2-5 days, but it depends on the complexity and difficulties of each project and also in the amount of the details required.
TEXTURING AND LIGHTING PROCESS _ This stage is the most important part of 3d production, as it is the stage where we give life to the scene that we have created. This stage usually starts with a greyscale preview image that is shown to our client for approval of the model and camera angle. Any mistakes on modelling can be picked up at this stage. Normally this process follows the next steps: Plein model, Adding materials and landscape, Lighting, Revision of colours and materials, and Further landscaping,
RENDERING AND POSTPRODUCTION _ Once the rauw render is done it is time to start post-production. Now our team give the final style to your render enhancing your defined style.
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